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In its most basic sense, one can think of KoreTrak as a fitness tracker that also doubles up as a highly efficient smartwatch. Not only does the device provide users with active monitoring of their bodily vital signs but it also doles out a whole host of precise data related to one’s:

Weight management efforts
Daily sleep ratio
Fitness tracking efforts
Furthermore, as per a whole host of data available online, the KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker has been gaining a crazy amount of market traction in recent months, even rivaling the demand currently being witnessed by elite brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit — primarily because this advanced wireless-enabled wearable technology delivers a wide array of intuitive health-enhancing features. Also, when it comes to the pricing side of things, KoreTrak costs just a fraction of what most big brands charge for their fitness bands.



What Is Koretrak ?

KoreTrak is a smart device that users can wear anywhere to keep an eye on fitness-related biometrics that can improve their workouts. The wristband features a sleek design, pairing easily with fitness, work, and casual clothing.


Koretrak Review 

Koretrak - The Smart Watch Review



How Does It Work?

The Koretrak device connects to a mobile app on your smartphone (it is compatible with both Android and iPhones) so that you have all the information you need right at your fingertips -it even alerts you when you have a call or text message.

The company prides itself on the accuracy of its readings and its ability to help you stay on track with all your fitness goals. The bands even come in different colors so you can customize your look based on your mood or outfit.